George Floyd

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Media/BLM meme: another black innocent preacher, getting his life together, was pulled over by a racist cop, and arrested for no reason, thrown to the ground, and had a knee put on his neck for 8 minutes while he pleaded of being unable to breathe, until he died of suffocation. And nothing would have happened, if it wasn't for the outraged peaceful protests forcing the cops to not cover it up.

Truth: A completely crazy, stoned, athletic brute, with a long rap sheet of violent crimes, is pulled over for passing a fake $20. In his paranoid and irrational state, while in the process of overdosing on opiods and meth, he refuses to follow directions and violently resists arrest and overpowers 4 cops for 10 minutes, before being held down in a legal knee hold, where he eventually dies of a heart condition and overdose. He continue to claim, "I can't breathe", but he was saying that while standing early in the confrontation, along with a dozen other lies, like his mom just died, he was claustrophobia (after getting out of the car), and his black passenger gestured that Floyd was crazy. If racism or killing Floyd for color was the motive, why didn't the black passenger (who followed directions) have any problems, or the cops shoot Floyd or escalate to mace/taser/clubs instead of using the least deadly tool available?


Unlike other Fake victims (Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, Micah Johnson, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, OJ Simpson, Philando Castile, Rodney King, Sandra Bland, etc), this one was on video and more clearly the cops abuse of power... sorta. The edited video that BLM promoted and got riots over, omits the context that was later released cop-cam -- which shows 10 minutes of Floyd being an uncontrollable nut-job that was crying I can't breathe before cops had done anything. There was no evidence this was race based, and there was going to be an investigation without the riots. In fact the officer was arrested for 3rd degree murder and THEN the riots and looting scaled up (not down). Obama and other far lefties that had previously said looting was just opportunism, started egging the rioters on. If you believe the Democrats/Far Left rhetoric, this display of anti-Americanism, was inevitable. And it kinda was, if you are ignorant and bigoted enough to believe the far left and their medias narrative. If you have any ability to reason, and look at the facts, this was another over-reaction to a non-event, and a false narrative, provoked by the divisive marxists at BLM (and their supporters).

The rational look at things from both sides. So let's try to see it from a balanced eye and look at the actual options via questions (and answers):

Q: Who could have de-escalated it -- a cop that stood down and tried to calm things down a few times, or a nutjob that kept being irrational and not following directions?
A: Floyd have ended the confrontation by just not resisting arrest for 20 minutes. The cop had no choice but to arrest the guy and keep the public safe. If Floyd had gotten back in his 2 ton murder machine (car) and driven off, or been let go, the Cop and city would have been liable for anything he did in drugged out state. And he was obviously a threat to himself and others. Since the cop couldn't leave and just let a crazed, drugged out idiot go, the cop had less choice/control in this than Floyd did. Thus this was mostly Floyds fault.

Q: What were the cops choices in that situation? A:

  • (a) escalate and use taser/club/mace
  • (b) hold him down until he calmed down and re-enforcements arrived
  • (c) consider him a deadly threat, and shoot him

Q: Given the cops major choices, was he trying to do maximize damage to Floyd or minimize it?
A: He was choosing the least worst option. I ask people, "why was the cop wrong?" Should he have shot him, let him go and make the city vulnerable to lawsuit, or arrest? Once we agree that he had to arrest, Floyd was wrong, drugged out, and acting crazy, and the cop arresting him was using the least bad of the choices available... then we can try to micromanage the conflict in the heat of combat, and decide if maybe he shouldn't have held him down as long, or if micro-mistakes were made, in the context of doing the right thing in arresting Floyd.

Q: After the guy was crying, "I can't breathe" while standing up, and lied about his mom just dying, his friend making the crazy gesture, Floyd lying about being claustrophobic, and so on -- why should the cop have believed him later?
A: The cop wasn't wrong for ignoring that complaint. And as far as we know, that had nothing to do with his death. Floyd died of a heart attack, most likely brought on by overdosing on opiods, meths, and pot, as well as a panic attack caused by the paranoia of the above and the incredible exertion he was doing while committing the crime of resisting arrest. The public watched a guy die of overdose and a heart condition, and misattribute it to the cop taking a knee like he was a football playing black lives matter supporting athlete. We can ignore the public, as they are wrong.

Q: Shouldn't the cop have released the knee sooner?
A: If he had released the knee, shifted stances/holds/etc., the drugged out strongman had already overpowered 4 cops would have likely broken free and then what? The cops would have had to shoot him -- and the outraged idiot left would accuse them of excessive force for shooting him. The alternative was Floyd gets away, kills someone else, and the left/media gets outraged for the incompetence of letting him get away (why didn't they just hold him when they had him). So the cop was choosing the least violent option at the time.

Q: Who lied more about what happened, BLM, DNC and their media with the censored narrative, or the cop and their defenders?
A: Read the intro. The BLM and idiot narrative is that he was killed because he was black. But if that was the goal, the cop could have shot him for not keeping his hands on the wheel, not chosen the least violent path whenever availabe, and why did they not have a problem at all with the black passenger who was following directions? So the BLM lie is a complete fraud. The cop narrative was completely right in virtually every choice. Only the last few minutes is in debate...

Derek Chauvin

Derek Chauvin was the cop that arrested (and killed) George Floyd. It turns out they worked at the same nightclub (El Nuevo Rodeo Club) for at least a year, but we don't know if they knew each other. (Either is possible). [1]

Far Left Dogma

If you believe the far left, then this was inevitable. The left has been preaching for decades that:

  • Minorities never had any opportunities because the system was out to get you
  • The police only ever abused minorities, and virtually always got away with it
  • Your station (Poverty) meant you'd never get justice without violence

Never mind that none of that is actually true. The far left still believes that in the country with the most opportunities for minorities in the world, is one of the worst in the world for oppression. It doesn't have to be real, they just have to believe it.

So those that believed that left, were outraged, other opportunists and sociopaths on the far left knew from prior riots (and tolerance/sympathy towards them) that they could go out and rage and steal and nothing bad would happen. Weakness is provocative, and some are shocked that they got what they encouraged. They said, "Act out, we won't punish you... we'll make you famous and make excuses (and blame the system) for your behavior", and low and behold, some listened.

So this happened because of far left dogma, that convinced some that they had no opportunities for justice, or others that there should be no consequences for bad behavior because tearing America down is the only ay to get Social Justice. Either way, you'll notice this usually happens by the Democrat base (young dumb kids and disenfranchised minorities that are Democrats strongest voting block), and in Democrat strongholds (inner cities), and they were repeating rhetoric that is prevalent in the DNC and their media. But they're shocked that this happened, and want to blame Republicans for it.


Here are the takeaways from the footage:

  • Floyd’s behavior escalated a routine arrest into a possible abuse of force.
  • The George Floyd case is not a race crime. No rational person can watch that footage and conclude the police were motivated by Floyd’s black race.
  • It’s going to be virtually impossible to convict former officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao of any crime.
  • It will be equally difficult to convict Chauvin of murder.

Thus the media allied with far left Antifa and BLM (either intentionally or through incompetence) to divide us, increase violence, riots and racial unrest, in yet another race hoax. And the tools that propagated that lie were either useful idiots, or violent extremists. The former fomented unrest out of willful ignorance of what actually happened, a complete lack of curiosity or critical thinking skills (skepticism for the narrative), and the latter did it knowing it was a lie -- but not letting an opportunity to divide us go to waste. But the former are as guilty as the latter of the outcome, more so, if they refuse to acknowledge their criminal complacency in the outcome.


📚 References

East San Jose:

The FakeHate grievance industry is so broad, that they are branching out, and have to have multiple divisions. Hey, you get what you incentivize. and the virtue signaling left rewards victimhood -- so people are lining up to join in. This is just the subset of FakeHate that is specifically about fake racial crimes.