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George Mason University did the largest study of Climatologists in 2007 and found that while 84% thought Global Warming existed, only 73% thought there was proof, and "existed" is a far lower standard than the IPCC's "man caused 90% of Global Warming". The 2010 follow-up they found that "56% find IPCC untrustworthy”, "63% believe global warming is caused mostly by natural causes, and only 31% believe humans are primarily responsible”, Only 24% "see any evidence of climate change in their local weather patterns", and "61% say there is a lot of disagreement among scientists about whether or not global warming is happening”. All blowing up the idea that there's consensus, or agreement with the IPCC.

2010 George Mason University

After their 2007 Survey, they decided to do a follow up of with their meteorologists and found:

2007 George Mason University

This found that:

  • 84% of Climatologists thought AGW “existed"
  • Only 73% thought there was proof of that point
  • And as we’ve discussed, “existed" is a far lower bar than, “man’s CO2 is causing 90% of the warming".

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