Great Awokening

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The rise of the progressive left socialists under Obama is called "the Great Awokening", the sheeple horde. It's when Obama shed his facade of being a moderate and both fueled and followed the left's Occupy, BLM, antifa, intersectional Marxists and Democratic Socialists, after decades of miseducation in indoctrination camps known as Schools and Universities. They loosely aligned to fight over being the biggest victims and the most Woke: to lead by following, and following by decrying tyranny while demanding more of it to fix the injustices of the past. Journalism became clickbait parody of social media (and vise versa). The consequences purged the moderates (and moderation) from the DNC and resulted in Democrat losses of over 1,000 seats in state legislatures, governor’s mansions, and Congress... and what is left is nothing but tired old Socialists and new fanatics. Whether you believe Obama was the cause, or their feckless Follower-In-Chief, the Awokening happened, and we're not sure if we can wait for them to mature, or they've reached critical mass to bring down the empire. But Dunning-Kruger has a party, and many new candidates vying to be top dog in balcony speeches begging to invade Poland, and demanding the extermination of the greedy conservatives, religious and Trump supporters... for their own good, of course.


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