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These are some of the basics about Guns in the Media, or how the media handles guns, that everyone should know before they take what the media is offering them for granted.

The NYT embarassing editorial on guns, shows what's wrong with the paper. They either don't have fact checkers, or count on their readers to either not know the truth, or not care. Bad facts, and one side of the story is propaganda (FakeNews), not journalism.
There was another anti-gun hit-piece in NYT, where they gave up all semblance of journalism and integrity, and decided to turn over their editorial pages to founder of UT Students Against Guns on Campus (with no common sense or rebuttals allowed, as usual). The lies of omission make you dumber for reading the article, as you'll come out less informed and more confident of the opposite (like Progressives on most issues they know nothing about). And then some wonder why the informed on topics mock the NYT as a caricature of what Journalism is supposed to be?
Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence is another FakeNews organization that exists to invent false numbers to dupe the gullible rubes. A cursory look at their numbers, and they fall apart -- they aren't based on subjective murder rates, gun ownership rates, or anything that would lead to the conclusions they draw: it's about whether they like the gun policies -- then cooking the numbers to invent a correlation that doesn't exist.
Charlton Heston 1999 speech to the Harvard Law School Forum on 'Winning the Cultural War', resulted in this man, and others like him, getting vilified for their beliefs: that we should be tolerant, free, allow free speech, but also be judged by our own actions.
The GLCTPGV is part of the far-left disinformation campaign to dupe the gullible rubes. They either know nothing about the topic of guns, or are flamingly dishonest. This explains how.
This is a short list of some of the "smartest Gun-Controllers in the room". This isn't just "gotcha" type mistakes, this is about Gun Control advocates fundamental failure to understand the basics of what they're talking about. I'd be happy to find a gun-controller that could talk about the basic parts and operation without sounding like an idiot, but this article is about the examples of the 99% that are giving the rest a bad name. The things they said that make the informed gun-owners double-face-palm, and undermines the interests of any rational gun controllers. Some day I'll meet one of the latter.
Why don't people trust Obama when he says he isn't trying to take anyone's guns? Because gun advocates listen to what he says at other times too. How he legislated, what he says to campaign contributors, and like his gun control speech that the media failed to fact-check, but I point out just a few of the problems with it.
Never let an opportunity go to waste: the politicians and media prey on this tragedy, knowing it will be fodder to copycats. But lives of those sacrificed aren't as important as the agenda. Hey, if you want to let democrats make an omelet, they're going to break some eggs. Just remember, you, your friends, your family, and the truth, are the eggs.
This smells like a false-flag effort, by a gun nitwit, meant to try to dupe the gullible into destroying valuable tools, in the name of some gun cause. There's a ton of support by folks without guns or a clue, and no support from anyone with one. Either way, I feel sorry for Steve, he either lost his mind, or he's a dishonest herd-follower, and either is just sad.
USAToday has a long history of dumb, and they should have been renamed USSA (United Socialist States of America) because that seems to be their bend/lean. But here's an example of their dumb.

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