Hogg and the YouTube Shooter

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David Hogg silent on the liberal YouTube shooter... wonder why?

While it isn't a crusaders job to fight EVERY fight, if they're too selective, they can look hypocritical. Like Hogg having a huge problem with a virtually non-existent problem of school shootings: which are infrequent and low death count relative to other high school risks. Then he loudly ignored a mass shooting at YouTube (by Nasim Aghdam), because it didn't fit the disingenuous narrative: it was a woman, she didn't use an assault rifle, and like at Hogg's High School the cops had ignored many warnings by family members first. So nothing but crickets from Mr. Piggy. That means he's not a champion fighting against mass shootings, he's only a hypocrite tool of the far left anti-gun clique, and should be treated with the contempt of any other hyper-partisan.