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From 2017 to 2020, the oxymoronically named House Intelligence Committee headed by Adam Schiff, spread falsehoods about Russia and Donald Trump, and obstructed releasing the Transcripts. Adam repeatedly went on FakeNews channels like CNN and MSNBC and announced he had hard evidence proving the plot. During all that time, the committee was getting report after report that not only was there no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, there was evidence of the DNC and the Hillary Campaign doing exactly that. Any real news agency would be outraged at being lied to, but CNN and MSNBC will have Adam back.


  • The committee probe started in January 2017 under then-Chair Devin Nunes and concluded in March 2018 with a report finding no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin. Most of the transcripts were ready for release long ago, but Mr. Schiff oddly refused to release them after he became chairman in 2019. He only released them last week when the White House threatened to do it first.
  • July 2017, here’s what former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Mr. Schiff and his colleagues: “I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.”
  • October 2017 Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch agreed that while she’d seen “concerning” information, “I don’t recall anything being briefed up to me.” in regards to evidence of collusion or Russian assistance to the Trump campaign.
  • November 2017, Former Deputy AG Sally Yates, “We were at the fact-gathering stage here, not the conclusion stage.” - in other words they had no evidence of collusion.
  • FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe admitted the bureau’s reason for opening the case was nonsense,
  • Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Power, all Obama administration flunkeys, admitted that they had no evidence of wrongdoing or collusion.

Examples of lies

Schiff had access to those transcripts even as he claimed he had “ample” proof of collusion and wrote a false report:

  • March 2017 on MSNBC, Mr. Schiff stated that he couldn’t “go into particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now."
  • December 2017 he told CNN that collusion was a fact: “The Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help. The Russians gave help and the President made full use of that help.”
  • April 2018, Mr. Schiff released his response to Mr. Nunes’s report, stating that its finding of no collusion “was unsupported by the facts and the investigative record.”
  • May 2020, Mr. Schiff (just prior to release) he promised the transcripts contain “evidence of the Trump campaign’s efforts to invite, make use of, and cover up Russia’s help in the 2016 presidential election.”


Any person that complains about Trump's "lies" (overstatements) while tolerating Adam Schiff's, doesn't care about the truth, they just care about partisan politics. So I used Adam Schiff, and other lying democrats as a litmus test. They say, "I hate Trump because he lies"... and I ask, "do you think Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, should be censured or fired?", or ask about Obama/Bill Clinton's many whoppers... if they say "no" or get outraged at the question, I immediately know where they stand: it isn't about moral outrage, it's just cheap old partisan grandstanding.


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Russia, our friendly comrades that hate us for our power, freedom, and annoying ability to stick our noses in all kinds of shit and screw it up.
Adam Schiff
Schiffty Schiff is full of Schitt. Like most California Democrats (Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, etc), he proves that Democrats come in three flavors: (1) Obnoxious Liars (2) Obnoxious Idiots (3) Both. He's #3. His professional career will be defined by trying to undermine our Democracy through Scampeachment and the idea that we should deny due process and invent crimes to oust his political enemies and thwart the will of the people. Is there anything more Un-American than that?