Is Bernie Anti-Liberty

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Someone debated with me that Bernie didn't want to take anyone's liberty away and make us less free. So I pointed out:

  • 1) Income Redistribution - (less liberty)
  • 2) Socialized College - more central control = less liberty
  • 3) Less Political Free Speech - (less liberty)
  • 4) Centralized Price Controls - (less liberty)
  • 5) Centralized Wage Controls - (less liberty)
  • 6) Socialized anti-energy/economy for faux climate change agenda - more regulation (less liberty)
  • 7) Racial Injustice - more central control = less liberty
  • 8) Sexual Preferences/bigotry - more central control = less liberty

We could go on and on... more taxes (less liberty), a stronger government/regulatory environment (less liberty), and so on. You can like him because he takes away choices of people you disagree with (and you're anti-liberty). But denying he's against free will, choice, liberty and so on, is just self-delusion. Of course that person couldn't concede the truth, and called me names and went away mad without ever admitting anything. Because that's what it takes to be a good Bernie supporter: denial of uncomfortable truths.

I've also heard a rationalization that the reason they like Bernie is because he's an anti-establishment (anti-Campaign money) candidate that doesn't take money from corporate interests.

  • I point out that's only true because none of them think he can win
  • and if that's their criteria, Trump takes even less from others (is more self-funded), so their argument is a canard

They get mad at that, but it's still a fact.

The strongest reason to like Bernie is because he's the anti-liberty (pro-Socialist) candidate: but many look for any other reason to support him than that truth.


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