Joe McCarthy

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The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy

Joe McCarthy might have many character flaws, he was a tenacious and ethical bombast, and a bit too enthusiastic. But the facts are that he was pushing for investigations against real subversive elements within our government: the communists had an incredibly large and complex network of agents and collaborators, and it had not only flourished under the administration, but they had done little to stop it. Joe was given real insider information from various real investigations done by the FBI and the State Department, that were being illegally withheld from Congress (and the public). So the Administration was working to suppress any exposure, and would attack anyone that exposed it. Joe found massive incompetence, and an even broader coverup, and his focus was on demonstrating the coverup.

FDR, Truman and their allies had totally botched foreign policy, the State Dept., the red-menace, the amount of spying, so they had tried to cover it up, repeatedly. Since politicians (Democrats), are genetically incapable from taking responsibility, they need a scapegoat — and Joe McCarthy became their patsy. Since the abuse was so broad and so vast, that people just didn’t want to believe it, the administration used the breadth and depth of their own malfeasance to claim that Joe was absurd. So they sold the fiction of the Big Lie: since some of it was overdone, there was no basis for any of it. Today, opening records has proven that he was more right than he was wrong. And his biggest detractors often turned out to be part of the conspiracy that he was trying to expose. more...