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President of the Heritage Foundation (a black female exec for the interjectionally interested), was appointed to an AI ethics panel for Google (Advanced Technology External Advisory Council: ATEAC). However, once her personal views on gender (that 2 of them exist, and it's not just a personal preference), an outrage mob created a, "Googlers Against Transphobia and Hate" petition and got 2,556 (of the 103,459) Googlers to sign that intellectual diversity was not welcomed on that panel, and she was thrown off (fired) in the name of tolerance.

Kay wrote an interesting piece about her experiences. [1] Basically, pointing out the absurdity of the mob comparing her to the Grand Wizard of the KKK. (Seriously, they did that).


Another day, another Googlewhack. Technically, A Googlewhack was a contest for finding a Google search query consisting of exactly two words that returns only one result. (Finding uniqueness). More and more the term is applicable to finding conservatives in their organization... and then firing them for their uniqueness. Conservative/Republican seem to be getting purged from Google's employment roles for disagreeing with the corporate consensus. Of course the gross majority of conservatives never get fired... as long as they know their place and to never openly admit their views. So while far lefties and extremists can voice their views openly, conservatives are subjugated to social apartheid. As long as they're quiet and oppressed about their beliefs, they will be fine. They might not get promoted due to Google's promotion by herd voting policies, but that's another issue. The point is that if a conservative voices views, they can (and will) be taken out by the flock of angry hate-chickens. The body count is adding up. There's: Greg Coppola, James Damore, Kevin Cernekee, Mike Wacker, just to name a few that we know of and not counting likely hundreds of persecuted individuals that we don't know about. If you can't see that pattern, then I hear Google is hiring self-deluded, intolerant lefties. more...


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