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Left-Libertarian is an oxymoron, like kind rapist or practicing compassionate gennoacide. You are either trying to increase individual liberty (and accountability) and are on the libertarian spectrum, or you're trying to seize the means of production and force social equality through government force, but not both. You can't pretend to be about individualism, then say that's why you want to use the state to force collective values. So anyone that says Left-Libertarian without openly mocking the hypocrisy of it, lets you know that they're just a Social Justice Warrior trying to wear the costume of a freedom loving person, but they aren't.

Libertarian is also known as Classical Liberalism, Randian/Randianism (after Ayn Rand), but is just the belief that liberty should be the core principle of their philosophy, seeking to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association and individual judgment (and responsibility/accountability). In Europe, this would be left wing, in the U.S. it is right wing. (Technically, Libertarian can mean the party, or a form of Classical Liberalism).



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