Married her brother

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There's a rumor that she married her brother (Ahmed Hirsi) to get around immigration law. There is no doubt that something extremely suspicious and illegal (immigration fraud) appears to be going on, and has been known for some time. But she won't answer questions about it and attacks anyone who asks as racist. Leftist news sources like Snopes seem to be disinterested and only cover it to do very cursory investigations and find excuses to waive off any accusations as conspiracy theory. But David Steinberg (at powerline) has a lot of interesting points that are not just wild conspiracy stuff. There's more than enough to do a deep investigation of any conservative -- but the press seems to take her word that there's nothing there. (Their job is not to trust, but to verify).

2019.09.17 Deleting Happy Fathers Day

The Brother Fucker (Ilhan Omar) deleted a tweet where she wished her Dad (Nur Said) a Happy's Father Day. Why did she do that? Because it shows that her Dad was the father of the guy she married (Ahmed Nur Said). So either she Married her brother and consummated it, or she committed immigration fraud and should be impeached (and lose her refugee/immigration status). Unsurprisingly the Democrats have no interest in seeking justice against one of their own (an American hating, fraudulent, lying, far left anti-semite). more...


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