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These are just the basic philosophies of the east, or at least ones that I took from Martial Arts and influenced me, and the ways I look at things. There are many perspectives into the same concepts. Two different people doing an artistic representation of an object; using different mediums, skills, and from different points of view, may believe the same core concepts, but the expression may be quite different.

Martial Arts


A few people have asked me about Martial Arts schools, and how they should choose. I did teach Martial Arts for a decade or two. This might aide some in having more confidence in deciding on which studio may be best for them. Most people start off backwards, they want to leap to Choosing a Martial Arts Style, and while that's not bad if you really have your heart set on a particular system. If you don't know where to start, I want to start more basic -- find an Instructor, Student, and then Art, in that order.

Do not be afraid to go to many schools in your area before deciding on the "Right School". (I recommend trying at least 3). These guidelines apply whether you are looking for you or your child. Just watch 3 classes (or part of them), and decide which seemed the best. more...
In Choosing a Martial Arts School, I stated that the instructor may be the single most important of the variables in choosing a school, and the quality of the Students is a reflection on the teacher. But they are not the only factors. Here is some information on what to expect from different styles, cultures and arts. This information can help you choose a "style" as well, and maybe give you a starting point. more...
Ethics board.jpg
Ethics of a fight: know yourself, and know others. Since nobody wins a fight, the best way to avoid loosing one, is by not getting in one. To avoid doing that you should understand your motive and theirs, understand aggression, escalation and take responsibility for your actions and even reactions. more...
Fights are often more mental than physical. It is a battle of wills, and an important factor is who has the most to lose. This is a reason that you don't want to corner wild animals, or wild humans. If they have no path out, then they are much tougher combatants. more...
James Mitose was an Japanese American that learned the hard way about our legal system and how the public views Martial Artists. He is well known in some Martial Arts circles, because he brought Kenpo/Kempo over to Hawaii and the mainland from Japan, and is one of the important Masters of the art. more...
I call it "Karate", but really I did Shaolin Kenpo/Kempo for about 20 years as my primary art (teaching as well as doing), and Aikido, Aikijujitsu, Judo, Gracie Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Escima, Arnis, Kali, Jeet Kun Do, Tai Chi Chuan, Shotokan, and a few other arts as my secondary arts. (For a while, I was doing my primary 4 days a week, and my secondary for 2 days a week... but sometimes, my primary/secondary training flipped (2/4). Back in 1992, there was a WMAC event in Las Vegas, and me and my crew were the Demonstration Team. Here are some pictures I got with other famous Martial Artists at the event. more...
If you thought the fight was over when the last punch was thrown, you don't know much about the law and societies need for justice. Legalities are different than realities. Laws vary from state to state, and sometimes city to city. It is hard to prove "your intent" or the intent of "the other guy". So just like it is best to avoid a physical fight, it is also best to avoid a legal fight. The law rarely looks at either person as a hero... they more see two people who weren't smart enough to avoid combat, and each side is trying to prove the other side was worse. more...
Pacifism: when is fighting is better than the alternative? These are my thoughts. To me, the aggressor is not the one that throws the first punch, but the one who insists on fighting -- and it is not the person who won't fight because they can't win, but is the person who tries to avoid fights and exhausts all alternatives despite knowing that they would probably win. more...