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{{:Memes:Logic:Moving the Goalpost}}
{{:Memes:Logic:Proof Reversal}}
{{:Memes:Logic:Proof Reversal}}
{{:Memes:Logic:Guilt by association}}
{{:Memes:Logic:Guilt by association}}

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Memes about logic and logical fallacies. How to not win a debate, or influence people.

Memes-Logic : 22 items

Proof Reversal
The burden of proof resides with someone making a claim. Single payer, gun control, free college, progressive taxes, minimum wage increases, etc, will make things better: prove it. Skepticism is science! ❞
Rephrase the opponents argument into something more "winnable". Basically folks that use this once, might be an accident. Use it twice in a discussion, they're just a intellectual asshat that's trolling. ❞