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Media meme: was a racist white cop picked up a 6'4" 300 lb. gentle giant of a black honors student by the scruff of the neck (with one arm, from inside the squad car) for jay-walking, and the kid tries to run-away, and gets shot in the back, and then in the front when he turns with his hand up saying "don't shoot". This starts a whole, "hands up, don't shoot" public outcry, based on a delusion. The media runs old pictures of the kids, to make him more sympathetic.

Truth: A stoned thug strong armed robbed a liquor store, jaywalked, verbally and then physically assaulted a cop for getting asked why he's walking down the middle of the street. When he hears the report of him coming over the radio, he hits the cop and goes for his gun and gets shot in the hand. Then he runs, but when the cop tells him to freeze, he turns around, and charges the cop with his head and hands down, and gets shot while trying to tackle him (after already assaulting him multiple times).

Obama jumps in at the protests, doesn't correct any of their ignorant claims about what happened, empathizes with the communities delusion (and claims their view is reasonable and understandable) and implies this is part of a bigger problem (not black kids killing each other, or getting shot for being stupid, but some bullshit racism theme unsupported by statistics). This emboldens the race baiters even more, and implies, again, that their fantasy based cause is just. How much better would it have been, if we had an adult in the room that told the rioters to stand down until the actual evidence came in, or he reported some of the facts we did know at the time? We'll never know.

Occam's razor - what seems more likely?
  1. believe that a cop first harassed a gentle giant for doing nothing, picked up a 6'4" kid by the back of the neck from inside the car (requiring 6' long arms) then got out and shot him with his hands up for no reason. And thus the "black community" (a bunch of out of town thugs and idiots with white guilt, etc) is completely justified in whatever they do.
  2. believe that a thuggy kid that had just strong arm robbed a convenience store, and was walking down the middle of the street and cussed out a cop when he was told to move, assaulted a cop when it came over the radio that the cigars weren't his, and then he fought the cop and got killed for stupidity.

Really, it's sort of one or the other. And once you accept the reality that the community and race baiters were preying on a lie for their agenda, then there's really no moral defense of what happened. Some stirred up unrest, but there's not a single reason to believe that the cop would do #1, or that the cop would have acted any differently if the thuggy kid had a different skin tone, and did the same stuff that Brown did. The only difference is the white, latino or asian community wouldn't have blamed it on race and burned down their own neighborhoods in protest.


A more accurate chant than "hands up, don't shoot", should have been "live as a bully, charge like a bull, die like an animal". The point isn't that I think all idiots should be killed for bad choices, it was a tragic loss. But it was one caused and controlled by the victim. Thousands of white and black people are arrested each year with no harm done to them, it's mostly when you get serially stupid that die. His purpose in life shouldn't be to enflame race relations, but to remind everyone that if you go for a cops gun, you might get shot. And whether illiterates and activists use your death as a martyr to their cause of starting a race war, you're still a dead footnote in history, where the uninformed will cry out your name, the informed will mock it, and a few years later, you'll be all but forgotten.


Facts I've pointed out that only angered the delusional who wanted to believe the racist myth:

  • forensics showed that he was shot in the front, while charging, and since he'd been shot in the arm, it's unlikely his hands were up
  • multiple witnesses said that he hit the cop, went for his gun, after committing a strong-arm robbery
  • You do know that cops don't shoot people for no reasons, it's a lot of paperwork and annoyance, even if it's just a black thug


Almost 3 years after the Michael Brown shooting, and years after the local police and the DOJ investigated and admitted that Michael Brown did NOT have his hands-up, and the shooting was completely justified. FakeNews site CNN is still implying "some people" claimed it was a shooting of an innocent man with his hands up. True: but those people weren't direct witnesses, and this tale has been debunked. They're trying to inject ambiguity into something that has little, and in the process they don't care who gets hurt responding to this non-injustice.


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CNN still lies about this (their ignorant viewers believe it):