NOOA Temp Fraud

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Before and After.... blue was the observations, red was post NOOA's "Corrections" (Stalinesque alterations) to the observations, based on no defensible reasoning.
NOOA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has been taken over by far left polemics a decade or so back. This matters because they control some of the surface temperature measurements for the Country, and have gotten caught altering that record for political purposes: to wipe out the historical record of the hottest years being in the 1930's (not today). Of course Snopes got involved, didn't contact the author of the refutation, and misrepresented the facts, being the FakeNews site that only Google and Facebook would call a trusted source (and a prime source they use to filter stories).

Snopes claims that the Temperature record was altered but makes the following claims:

  • "The largest adjustments are the time of observation debiasing"
  • "The net of all five adjustments to the … record is a warming of about 0.3ºC" (about 0.5°F)
  • This only "slightly increased warming trend"

The facts?

  • The ToO (Time of Observation) was a small fraction of the total change (and was often in the other direction)
  • The total adjustment was about 1.5°F, not 0.5° as they claim
  • This reversed a slight cooling trend into a significant warming one, completely flipping the conclusion and media buzz.

Snopes got it all wrong. And the complaints against a "Science" organization altering experiments (Measurements) to make it fit better with their theory, do it silently, without showing their work, and getting caught by others, is a major issue for REAL Scientists, just not the polemics at NOOA or Snopes.


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