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The NRA is like the ACLU once was, except specifically for the 2nd Amendment. They are not a vile organization that hates kids, in fact, they spend most of their resources on training gun safety. They do not oppose common sense gun control, most progressives just don't know what that looks like. And they don't own politicians, they don't have enough money or members to do either. Those that claim otherwise are uninformed haters.


The fascists always hate liberty... and organizations that defend it. So the left naturally goes after the NRA with a venom they usually reserved for supporting abortion, their Jim Crow laws, or the persecution of smokers, SUV drivers, or Texans. NRA : 5 items

Charlton Heston -
Charlton Heston 1999 speech to the Harvard Law School Forum on 'Winning the Cultural War', resulted in this man, and others like him, getting vilified for their beliefs: that we should be tolerant, free, allow free speech, but also be judged by our own actions.

2018.04.22 YETI Coolers - In the wake of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, YETI Coolers cut off ties to the NRA Foundation (the shooting sports division), but wouldn't say why (coincidentally timed with Delta and REI dropping the NRA). This somewhat dickish move, and the NRA's open letter, lead to backlash amongst shooting enthusiasts, many shooting their coolers for YouTube, and YETI's competitors stepping up their 2A support. Of course WaPo and Snopes "FakeChecked" by taking YETI's damage-control effort claim that they were just ending an old promotional program (that didn't apply to anyone else, they wouldn't fulfill outstanding orders, and doesn't explain the timing or lack of communication or remedy). The "Press" didn't wait for NRA's reply to that, which sounded a lot like: {cough:bullshit!}.

2018.04.11 NRA, Russians and Newsweek - Newsweek scoop of the decade, that lots of places picked up: an article talking about 23 Russia-linked "donors" to the NRA. ZOMG. Then in the fine print... it was $2,500 total, over 3 years, the majority likely ex-pats or diplomats stationed abroad. No evidence the NRA knew or was soliciting. And there's no reason that the Russian government supporting a civil rights organization in the U.S. is a bad thing. Would the left scream if 23 Russians donated millions to Planned Parenthood or the Red Cross?

2018.02.22 Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis - After the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis rental cars all decided to drop the NRA as a discounted provider. No one I knew with an NRA membership had ever used the service, or knew it existed - so I don't think it'll matter or lead to backlash, because no one cares.

2018.02.17 United & Delta Airlines - In the wake of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, United and Delta airlines virtue signaled their opposition to the Constitution by removing the NRA's group travel program. Since the programs had only been used a dozen times in the prior year, this was more symbolic than impactful -- and NRA quipped as much back. By chickenshitting and hating together (along with rental car companies Hertz, Enterprise and Avis Budget), they were able to avoid too much backlash against any one company.

As a result of this slacktivism by anti NRA forces, their


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