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Another school shooting

So what do we know about this shooting?

Media/Left's lies

  • Nikolas Cruz did this out of the blue
    there were many warnings (listed below)
  • Cruz was part of a White Supremacist organization (and Trump supporter)
    AP, ADL and others were trolled, and didn't fact check[1]
  • Better gun control (gun bans) would have helped
    none of the left's gun control suggestions would have helped
  • This doesn't happen in countries with gun control
    false, the biggest school shootings were in strict gun controlled Russia, Norway, Germany, while Switzerland and Israel have few school shootings and high gun ownership. We had guns since the 1700's, and this problem only came up in the last 20 years, why?
  • The NRA and Republicans are at fault for resistance to doing anything
    democrats controlled all 3 houses during Obama's first term and could have done anything for 2 years, something Republicans have never had. Republicans/NRA have been calling for things that would help, but Democrats blocked them because school shootings help them financially and with votes. (Read Do something for more).


  • This was a "gun free zone", that practiced regular active shooter drills:, it turns out that mass murderers ignore signs, and Democrat solutions didn't help.
  • Broward County went for Hillary by over 70%. As happens in the majority of mass and school shootings, these more often happen in Democrat districts.
  • Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel (Democrat) was an avowed Hillary supporter, with photos with her, Bernie, and is an anti-2A politician far predating this event. Since 2012, Sheriff Scott Israel has been criticized for corruption and hiring too many crony's and relatives, his response, "Lions don't care about the opinions of sheep". And there's the accusation of sexual coercion of a 17 year old and she had to get an abortion. [2]


  • 2 years ago a relative called the city and warned that
  • 09/2017 Nikolas Cruz YouTubed that he "was going to become a professional school shooter", and used his real name. It was reported to the FBI, but they never did anything about it. [3]
  • 11/2017 Broward County Sheriff’s Office was told that Cruz “could be a school shooter in the making” - deputies didn’t bother to write up a report.
  • 2/11/2018 A relative of Cruz had warned Broward County about Cruz's stash of weapons just three days before mass shooting
  • 2/14/2018 during the shooting Scot Peterson, Broward sheriff’s deputy and armed school safety officer, cowered outside while a mass shooter slaughtered 17 people (mostly kids) inside. The first 3 uniformed Broward County Sheriff's deputies on-scene hid behind their cars with guns drawn and did not enter the building until Coral Springs cops arrived on the scene many minutes later.[4]
  • 2/15/2018 Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum confronted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel about the failure of his deputies to engage, and chewed him out
  • 2/22/2018 CNN has a "Townhall" where they went full Goebbels (who was also for Gun Control), and Scott Israel got up there and blamed the NRA and others for resisting gun control while CNN let him, without offering any of the context around Scott's background, party, corruption, or the failure of his officers. That's what full disclosure means to CNN. [5]
  • 2/23/2018 Kid comes forward and said CNN tried to plant him with scripted questions. Parent of kid comes forward and says CNN approached him with scripted questions. CNN denies that they tried to script any questions.

Trusting government was a disaster.

Poor supervision: