Obama Foreign Policy

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Fired more cruise missiles than any other Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Obama's foreign policy can be summed up as:

Nobel Peace Prize - Obama was awarded it for not being George Bush, and campaign promises that he broke. A humble, gracious, or wise President, would have turned it down and said, "if you want to give it to me after my Administration's accomplishments, I'll accept". But Obama lacks those qualities, and there's the greed of wanting the $1.4 million that went with it. The Nobel Committee regretted the move (and privately admitted it was a mistake) after Obama invaded Libya, screwed up Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, assassinated Osama Bin Laden on foreign soil, and his fecklessness with Russia lead to the invasion of Ukraine and the rise of ISIS, and became the biggest user/abuser of drone strikes in history.

Bowgate - Obama was told by State Dept that it's an insult to bow as the head of state, so he did it 8 times, each time generating more cries from those who understood manners.

HiroshimaGate - Japan's foreign minister asked Obama NOT to go to Hiroshima, so he did anyways. The reason was because either it made Japan lose face (for reminding them of their loss over starting the war), or it made the U.S. loses face as it would be seen as an apology for ending it. Bad optics. He ignored them, and magnified the slight by exclaiming in a speech on the site, "the war grew out of the same base instinct for domination or conquest that had caused conflicts among the simplest tribes." Whether Obama meant Japan or the U.S., it was an insulting oversimplification towards History, America, Japan, or all of the above.

Russiagate - Obama was behind or involved in much of the whole fuck-up around Russiagate. Everything that could be handled poorly, was. Ignoring Russian hacking for 8 years, overreacting at the end, admitting our elections couldn't be corruptible from the outside -- and then changing his claim to divide us, spying on the opposition party with illegal or even missing FISA warrants that he promised to eliminate during his campaign.

Libya /Benghazi - After promising not to invade/attack any country that wasn't an immediate and direct threat to the U.S., and after Gaddafi had given up his WMD programs and was helping us on the war on terror, Obama administration broke both promises and attacked Libya without provocation, to "prevent a human catastrophe", that the islamic extremists might not take over and destabilize the country, which is what he wanted or at least got in an al Qaeda controlled state (and weapons, instability and refugees that permeated the region). We can debate the nuances of legality around the War Powers Resolution, but the point is that Obama/Democrats/Media criticized Bush (who actually followed it) -- but then ignored Obama for ignoring it, after campaigning on being better. Just pick one standard please. Then there was:
    • The failure of administration to protect the Benghazi mission (after multiple pleas for more security)
    • Lying to the public about what happened: changes made to the talking points in order to suggest the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video, while knowing better.
    • Opacity: the refusal of the White House to say what President Obama (or Hillary) did the night of the attack
    • American Political Prisoner: arresting Nakoula Basseley Nakoula for "the fake video" that they blamed, to get attention off of them -- when they knew the video had nothing to do with it -- and throwing the book at someone to distract from it, is something that tin-hat dictators do. [1]

Syria - They helped turn Syria into an ISIS haven, despite multiple warnings:
  • the failure of the redline[2]
  • the rise of ISIS

Russia/Ukraine - ignoring Bush's sanctions/warnings for Russia invading Georgia, the Obama administration started with a "Reset Button", because Putin was a trustworthy guy. He got caught telling President of Russia that he would be more flexible at looking the other way, and called Romney "stuck in the Cold War" for warning about Russia during 2012 campaign. So Russia invaded and annexed part of Ukraine, shot down a civilian airplane, tried to blame it on the other side, and then ignored the Budapest Memorandum -- a Bill Clinton (circa 1994) agreement that if Ukraine gave up Nuclear Weapons then we'd protect them from hostile neighbors (Russia) invading them. Obama sent them blankets, Trump later sent them weapons and anti-tank missiles, and the left calls Trump soft on Russia.

Iran Nuclear Deal - After Obama showed fecklessness on Syria and Ukraine, he negotiated with the Mullah's in Iran. Basically, we'd give them billions of dollars cash, terrorist prisoners, remove sanctions, and the Iranian Regime (caught in multiple lies), agreed to continue to develop missile technology, but reduce their centrifuge production temporarily -- but we could only verify that in a few locations (most of the country would be off limits), and only if we gave them enough advanced notice before inspections.
  • Expended no energy on American Hostages abroad (unless they turned out to be-anti-American deserters). Like Otto Warmbier: kid caught trying to steal a propaganda poster from North Korea, and was tortured, brain damaged, and sent home to die soon after.[3]

Individuals are expected to sacrifice for the greater good, in the Obama world view.


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