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Most Presidents have the good manners to step out of the spotlight and let others lead (other than a few private speeches to make millions, and aggrandize their history). Of course Jimmy Carter is a senile anti-semitic exception, but in degrees of incompetence and un-presidentiality he's rarified air.

  • Obama keeps jumping into events that have nothing to do with him and saying, "don't forget about me!", like pictures of himself remembering Steven Hawking or Rosa Parks. He's like the Brian Williams of ex-Presidents trying to prove he was there, probably because he had so few actual accomplishments while there, and fewer that will last the next administration. [1]
  • He keeps offering to campaign with Democrats to "help them", but they keep turning him down. Even hard-core lefties know that there's a lot of ugly tied to his regime, and they'd rather run solo, that be coupled to his administration.
  • He keeps heckling the current administration (showing less grace than the Bushes, which hated Obama's policies and have a personal dislike for Donald Trump).
  • He keeps making a mockery of his administration by being a "man of the people" and getting caught hobnobbing with the rich and famous, and buying $15M second homes in Martha's Vinyand (after claiming "at some people you should have enough money and give the rest away"). He's one of the least philanthropic Presidents we've had.


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