Pelosi on Gun Control

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Nancy Pelosi (D) California Congresswoman - When asked about gun rights, Nancy explained, "We're talking about no further sales of assault weapons... no further sales of... 30 rounds in a gun. We're re talking about background checks which is very popular, even among gun owners, and, hunters. We avow the First Amendment." Nobody can pack a paragraph with stupid like Nazi-Nancy. Let's break that down error by offensive error.

The breakdown:

  • She confuses what the 1st and 2nd Amendment's are - she's only been a legislator since the Jurassic period
  • She seems confused as to what the term "avow" actually means (assert or confess openly, not support), she likely means disavow (deny any responsibility or support for)
  • She wouldn't be "avowing" or "disavowing" the 2nd, she wants to violate it without going through the Constitutionally required process of repealing it (or creating another amendment to strike it). That's violating her oath of office.
  • Background checks are already required by law in California, and violate the Constitution - if you doubt it, do you think you should have background checks before being able to start a blog, or exercise your 1st Amendment rights? Should you have to get one before you could exercise your 4th Amendment rights? I'm not horribly against them, just ignoring the rule of law.
  • If popularity defines righteousness (and isn't a intrusion), then let's have background checks for voting or getting social services
  • The popularity is high among people who don't know what "background check" means. When you ask, "Do you support a national gun owner/registration database" (which is what background check comes with), the same people who supported "background checks" oppose the consequences of them.
  • She wants to outlaw "Assault Weapons" a made up term by progressives that means low powered hunting rifles that look like Assault Rifles, but aren't). But you can't outlaw assault weapons according to prior Supreme Court rulings, because those are the exact kind of arms that the 2nd was written to protect. So she's admitting she wants to violate the Constitution and her oath of office.
  • Her blather about increased capacity doesn't work. Magazines are cheap to buy, make, and contrary to what the ignorant think, they don't reduce death tolls. But other than being useless and annoying (like her), what possible good can it do, other than riling up her ignorant base?

This is one of 100's of examples I could give of her gun-stupidity (or larger stupidity). In the end, those that listen to Pelosi get dumber or more dishonest by proximity.


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