People will die

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❝ All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone. ❞

Some people argue that if we go outside, people will die. Yes, that's true. But is a life in a safe bubble really a life worth living?

The biggest contributors to your health, in order, are Genetics, Diet, Exercise, other habits (smoking/drinking/etc). So if you're arguing that the government can keep you locked inside your house to save you, then even bigger threats to your life would qualify too? The biggest thing government can do to save us from ourselves is Eugenics, Forced Diet and Calisthenics, and prohibition... and anyone that complains about the unconstitutionality (or healthcare costs) is arguing for those things?

Of course this is a little reductio ad absurdum (taken to an extreme) -- but that's not to misrepresent what you said, but to get you to think deeper/wider about it.

You're greasing a slippery slope there.

A shutdown or mask mandate can be unconstitutional and better for us. But there are lots of things better for us, that we choose not to do. It's called a free society, and that includes the freedom to be idiots. Healthcare is there for when we pull a Bubba ("hold my beer and watch this"), or when something bad happens because we weren't taking the safest course of action. But living a full life, precludes always making the best choices.


COVID Shutdown
The shutdown was enacted under the guise that we needed to "bend the curve" and prevent a caseload surge that would overwhelm our healthcare and have millions die waiting for ventilators. What we got was the stock market to drop 30%, GDP to drop 40%, Trillions in debt , and 30%+ unemployment (including healthcare worker laid off for lack of work). The COVID Models were off by 4-10x or more, and we never neared capacity, even in the worst hit places. We had at least twice the ventilators per capita as Germany at the start and was surging manufacturing to have many times that in months. Oh, and ventilators turned out to be the worst way to treat it (with 80% dying anyways). As long as the economy was still alive and Trump might get re-elected, they are prepared to burn the whole economy down for their political ends: creating a dependency class of unemployed dependents is what they wanted all along. The most effective mitigation is the one that does the least harm, but keeps from destroying lives: the Swedish Model. The Shutdown does the most harm possible. Despite experts from top Universities saying End the Shutdown the anti-liberty left, doesn't care about the lives they're ruining.