Q: Is Trump compromised by Russians?

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A: Only the irrational can believe that. Anyone that says that is either a partisan, uninformed or a TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome Sufferer). Despite almost 2 years of investigating, there's no evidence of Trump's direct contact with the Russians. We have hard evidence of both Obama and Hillary having direct contact with the Russians (and getting payoffs). And when you look at policies, Trump is crushing the feckless Obama/Hillary administration in actions that hurt Russia. If Donald Trump was compromised, don't you think the Russians would have some leverage and use it?

Think about how stupid the "Trump=Russian Puppet" argument is, Russians wanted Trump to win, so he could be stronger on domestic policy, tighten our border security, he'd increase our economy and use that to get more global influence on international fair trade. Russia's economy is 40% dependent on oil, so they'd want an American President who would up our oil and coal production to undercut them. They wanted him to strengthen NATO's defense and resolve, put missile defense in Poland, increase our military spending (and Nuclear program) and create a Space Force? Or eliminate ISIS, let the world know he wouldn't tolerate chemical weapons, kill Russians that got in his way in Syria. Then give weapons to Ukraine, and shame Germany for their dependence on Russian Natural Gas (and push a trade-deal where they would get more NG from the U.S. and less from Russia). It's dumb to think that the Russians wanted Trump to win, but even Alex Jones isn't bat shit crazy enough to float the regular CNN/MSNBC conspiracies that Russians are controlling Trump, and he's giving them what he wants.


Who Obama Hillary Trump
General He had the weakest recovery after a financial crisis (since the great depression), due to trepidation at his overtaxation and overregulation. Obama slapped coal, fracking and oil drilling, in favor of Solar, which makes us more dependent on foreign oil and drives up energy costs and helps Russia. (Fortunately, he wasn't successful). He gutted military spending, made nuclear disarmament a priority (in Russias favor). Obama was a soft force President, that had no history of action. Even getting Bin Laden too him 16 hours to equivocate over and many claiming he was reluctant to act.[1] He accomplished nothing notable as far as getting NATO or the U.N. to do anything. Obama had tons of military secrets leak with Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and so on. He pulled missile defenses out of Poland (2010), because he didn't want to hurt Putin's feelings. And Russia was emboldened enough to invade neighbors. Milquetoast or in Carter-speak, malaise. Hillary was basically running as Obama's 3rd term, but with a little more criminal bitch. She certainly talked tough (to the point of stupid), but we have little reason to believe she would have been significantly differently (and if she had, it would have been a disaster), the only reason she got where she was is because she's Bill's wife, and he bombed milk factories. Assuming the Russians want a weak U.S., we have a choice between Obama/Hillary and more of the same (with rhetoric they can ignore). Or something else. [2] Trump's cut taxes and de-regulation did more for the economy than Obama's failed stimulus. Instead of unreliable Solar power, he increased our fossil fuel production, which lowers prices and competes with Russia and makes us less dependent on others (he even hinted that he could release some oil from America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve if prices get too high), and admonished Europe from buying oil/energy from Russia and becoming dependent on them. America became an energy exporter under Trump. Trump increased military spending [3], reinvigorated our Nuclear program, and created a Space Force. Trump may be a bombast, but he does act on what he threatens, and that motivates people. He got the U.N. to get a little better, and by scaring NATO, he got them to up their spending. He calls them out for stupid stuff, like becoming more energy dependent on Russia. He put those missile defenses that Obama pulled out, back in Poland.[4]

And in foreign actions, if anything he might be too brash: the opposite of what the Russians would want. He been willing to work with Russia on the one thing we agree on: going after terrorists (Obama couldn't even get that done), and the media spins that, but that one thing is still about America First.

Reset Button After Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, GWB was being harsh with Russia. Obama wanted to be softer and gentler to our enemies, so he'd signaled Russia (before taking office) that they would be softer than the Republicans, by having Hillary make emends for Bush talking mean about them invading a neighbor. On Nuclear negotiation, he got caught on hot mic. telling President of Russia how he'd be more flexible in bending over for negotiations, after the election. And he'd criticized Romney for being stuck in the cold war for saying Russia was our biggest threat. (After Obama won, they took his signals to mean they could invade Urkaine, and shoot down civilian airliners -- which got no retaliation). When it was found that Russia was probing (hacking) for 6 years, Obama did nothing until Hillary lost and he was a lame duck, then he threw out 30 diplomats. 2009.03.06 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a red button "Reset Button" mistranslated as "overcharged" in Russian, to show that they would be more flexible with Russian invasions. She was also a force behind selling 20% of our Uranium to Russia -- and her husband got a large payoff in the form of speaking fees, and big donations to their political slush fund (the Clinton Foundation). Trump referred to Obama's moves as stupid and soft -- because if invading one neighbor isn't a problem, then what is? He's cautious about direct threats to Russia, and flatters Putin, but that's his negotiation style. (Flatter your opponents if they're strong, intimidate them / mock them if they're weak). But his actions are far stiffer than anything Obama or Hillary did. In a show solidarity over the polonium poisoning of Sergei Skripal in the UK, Trump threw twice as many diplomats out as Obama had (60), and more than the rest of the world combined. And shut down the Russian consulate in Seattle, and forced the closing of Russian diplomatic properties in San Francisco, Washington and New York: he did it immediately, not after 6 years. [5]
Syria Obama first didn't support the rebellion, then did. Then created red lines in Syria (Russia's ally in the region), then denied it was "his" redline when they crossed it by using chemical weapons (whose capabilities were provided by Russia and Germany). The UK wanted to respond swiftly and strongly, but Obama delayed for days. [6] It was under Obama's fecklessness that ISIS came to power (partly by pulling out of Iraq too quickly and leaving a power vacuum, and mostly for being a proponent of the rebellion and giving the wrong people weapons). And his lackluster and slow response emboldened the movement and got people killed. Hillary said she'd be hard on Syria. But she's been taped admitting that she has no problem lying to the public to get what she wants: so we have no idea if she was sincere, and lots of reasons to think she wasn't. Our best guess is that she wouldn't have done much different than Obama. (They're philosophically/politically aligned). Which means more gains for Russia with Syria/Assad. [7] As soon as anyone used Chemical Weapons, Trump immediately cruise missile'd an airbase as a serious warning. When Russians troops were supporting Assad in an area the U.S. had warned about, Americans attacked and killed or injured 300 Russians. [8] He upped the physical power, listened to his generals (instead of micromanaged them), and the efforts resulted in ISIS collapsing under Trump.
Ukraine Congress approved sending Ukraine "lethal defensive weapons", Obama administration refused to follow thru, and sent them blankets instead. Hillary Colluded with Ukraine to interfere in America's election[9] During 2016 campaign Trump changed the RNC platform to "give Ukraine appropriate assistance" -- then approved giving them Sniper Rifles and Anti-Tank missiles (instead of blankets, like Obama). MSNBC's Katy Tur said the opposite, confusing the gullible left.[10] But, Moscow's Deputy Foreign Minister called Trump "...an accomplice in fueling the war [in the Ukraine]." Which doesn't sound like what they'd want their puppet to do.

Then there was sanctions. Trump has slapped sanctions on Russian businesses and individuals, including government officials and even several personal friends of Putin, including the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. There's a bit of grey, as Trump criticized parts of the law (for encroaching on Presidential powers), and that the same congress couldn't fix healthcare, but he didn't veto it, or fight it with a gusto. So if he was a puppet, you'd expect a lot more than that.



If Trump was a Russian agent, shouldn't we have much more than some weak contacts to some of the people in his campaign, who were often fired early? Unlike deals closed by Hillary and Obama. And if he's a Russian asset, don't we think we'd see some evidence of it? The evidence we have is of the Hillary campaign conspiring to invent the excuse for why she lost, was because, "Russia", and her lapdogs in the media went where she pointed. That's far more plausible and far more evidence than of Trump being a Russian operative. But to conspiracy kooks on the left, that want to believe Trump is Satan, it's easier to believe that he's a Russian agent, than common sense and all the evidence that he is not. The first step of correcting a problem, is admitting you have one. Those that repeat Trump is compromised, and can't admit they have a problem, should be institutionalized for their and the public's safety. (And there just went the staff of MSNBC and CNN to the looney bin).


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