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San Jose is where I lived for many years. It's the most most bigoted city, in the most bigoted state I lived in. Worse, they are the least self aware people on their own bigotry. This lists a few examples.


Tolerance is how you treat people you disagree with -- and SJ wants to oppress, crush dissent, or abuse anyone that doesn't think like them:

  • it was the last place in the U.S. to have a lynching (while they smugly think they're better than everywhere else).
  • Outlawed toys in Happy Meals
  • I don't always like everything Google does, but they tried to block Google from creating a headquarters there -- while other states/cities would pay millions for it. They failed at blocking it, but they tried and were as obnoxious and inhospitable as possible.
  • The police stood by (under the Mayor's direction) while a bunch of folks beat the shit out of Trump Supporters for not having the same opinion as they do.
  • I got attacked and blocked from Next-door, because I politely pointed out that the Woman's March were started by anti-semites. I was attacked, called a liar, and when I showed evidence, they blocked me. A year later, even far left organizations like SPLC admitted as much and distanced themselves from them.
  • Louis CK tried to play the Improv, and the thought police rallied to try do block him.

I explained the problem as follows:

CK was always a shock commedian. He’s like Sarah Silverman, if she had a triple digit IQ and didnt always go for the sex jokes. (Neither are high on my list). There’s no surprise that he insults everyone in absurd ways. Humor and culture is ruined when generation tidepod and their cultural marxists, politicizes everything, and gets out their thought police to censor and oppress, in the name of new tolerance. Which is just like the old tolerance, only with riding crops, virtue signaling, and 90% less free speech.

The response was that it was "disgusting" that he masturbated in front of women. (This posted by a serial masturbator: a guy).

I replied if there was a crime he should be prosecuted. But what he he did seems less disgusting to me than a mob of virtue signalers running around trying to oppress everyone that offends them. At worst he offended a few people over his life, but the thought police would destroy everyone not as morally bankrupt as they are. Which is the greater threat to society? So I dont want him near my daughters. But I dont want the mob anywhere near anyone with power or influence. They’re modern lynchmobs, with less self awareness. Everyone who agrees with their version of crystalnacht, raise your right arm, straight out.

The retort to that was, "I don’t begrudge him for trying to get back to his career, but I can also choose not to accept that we have to give him the platform to do that here."

So I replied that sounds like 1930’s German antisemitism (or various red or pink scares): remember, the Final solution was only after the other solutions failed. First they forbid jews from their unions, jobs and in their neighborhoods and tried to drive them to expatriate (go somewhere else), and only after that failed, could they rationalize worse. While someone has every right to not watch him, when they fight to take away his venue, they are saying if they don't want to watch him then no one else can either. And thats where the line between compassion for his victims, and intolerance towards those who disgree with you is drawn. So they dont have to accept it, I’m fine with that. But if they cant accept that others might disagree, and let the show go on, then they need to recognize their own reflection while putting on their jack boots. e.g. if they get to ruin it for his audience, then his audience gets to ruin it back (block people they don't like) -- and the venue they claim to love goes out of business, because of their own intolerance reflected back in kind.