Slavery is about racism

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Slavery is about racism, but not in the way most people think. It is about attacking America, "whites" and Christians for things they didn't do, and there's a good chance their forefathers didn't do, while ignoring what latino's, blacks, Muslims and others did in wider numbers. In fact, America is the only country in the world to fight a war to free a people that looked different than themselves. A few things to remember, in America, Free blacks owned slaves in higher percentages than free whites. Some of that was because the tax burdens were lower on slaves, so they bought out family members and kept them listed as slaves for tax benefits, but if we accept that as acceptable then we must admit that not all slaves were abused and that's a slippery slope to common sense and understanding the issue for the left. You can tell it's about hate/racism by asking about these other complexities, and watching their knee-jerk reaction accusing you of whataboutism. No one is denying that slavery existed and was bad, but to understand it, you need to understand it in context. Those that can't admit context aren't up for an adult conversation on the topic, and are more about their political agendas, which isn't about getting to the whole truth.


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