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  • Twitter nor Ars had a problem with that... while they would have banned conservatives for less. I don't mind the defense of free speech (at least before convicti
    782 bytes (109 words) - 17:13, 9 June 2019
  • ...r views. So while far lefties and extremists can voice their views openly, conservatives are subjugated to social apartheid. As long as they're quiet and oppressed ...and some of it is real. But I'm complaining about some of the real stuff. Conservatives there are treated like shit, and that's wrong. I'd have the same problem if
    4 KB (597 words) - 13:11, 1 August 2019
  • There's been some recent assaults by Milkshakes: throwing Milkshakes at conservatives in the EU. While it sounds benign to the clueless, when someone is doing th
    1 KB (133 words) - 12:19, 22 May 2019
  • ...section would be a full time job of correcting much of what they say about Conservatives, Libertarians, or anything but left leaning feel good stories.</includeonly ...section would be a full time job of correcting much of what they say about Conservatives, Libertarians, or anything but left leaning feel good stories. <br /><br />
    3 KB (496 words) - 14:26, 25 January 2019
  • Meanwhile, death threats against conservatives, or throwing the covington kids in a wood chipper? Call Jews "termites". Th
    1 KB (140 words) - 23:10, 29 March 2019
  • This is a list of "Real Hate"... the rash of violence (>50 attacks) against conservatives or MAGA supporters that happened after the election that you may not have r ...encouraging it using paid agitators and sock puppets (who pretended to be conservatives) and to assault folks in hopes to agitate responses
    3 KB (547 words) - 08:22, 10 August 2019
  • If delusional far-left dogma by a Hollywood sellout, who hates conservatives and all the redstates are fly-over country, and you want watch bad dialog w
    846 bytes (128 words) - 09:45, 28 May 2017
  • ...there). But what's really important? Moral consistency or showing the evil conservatives whose the boss? ABC responded power matters more that truth or contrition.
    3 KB (410 words) - 15:30, 1 August 2019
  • ...ed on appeal, but the concern is this kind of harassment happens mostly to conservatives, and happens before anyone bothers to check the facts.
    1 KB (142 words) - 12:39, 2 October 2019
  • hate crimes that are not tracked/recorded because they happened against conservatives @[[RealHate]]. There's also a well know site tracking them ( http://www.fak
    1,012 bytes (144 words) - 17:01, 29 August 2020
  • ...e. The right was usually opposed to them, or not as bad. That hardly makes Conservatives/Republicans saints, but there is the old mote in thy brothers eye, while ig
    894 bytes (133 words) - 15:26, 28 June 2019
  • That's how conservatives see liberals. Because that's how most of the vocal ones express the need fo == But what about Conservatives? ==
    7 KB (1,230 words) - 16:37, 28 June 2019
  • ...ers saying, “Can’t we just fire the poisonous assholes already?” about any conservatives. When Kevin pointed out that harassment, instead of trying to calm things d
    1 KB (157 words) - 13:24, 1 August 2019
  • ...ments, and he became the strident voice of the young counter-culture right/conservatives on college campuses with his "Dangerous Faggot” tour. ...tolerance and free speech, the left has tried to shut him (and many other conservatives) out of many venues, but his popularity and fan-base seem to figure ways ar
    5 KB (828 words) - 21:18, 28 June 2019
  •>{{Img|Good Predictions.jpg}}</noinclude>Not all good predictions are by conservatives or the right. But by nature of being older, wiser and more cynical -- and w
    1 KB (136 words) - 10:25, 2 February 2020
  •</ref></noinclude> * Moderate conservatives rightly concerned about mislabelling:
    4 KB (513 words) - 20:36, 30 March 2019
  • You'll notice all their mistakes are against conservatives, moderates or libertarians. I have yet to find a case where their "accident
    2 KB (206 words) - 20:47, 23 July 2019
  • praise and adoration)... while they'll throw vicious barbs and lies at conservatives, FoxNews, WSJ or anyone that takes offense at their partisan vitriol.<noinc ...both sides. It's become a media mean-girl clique where they get to lie to conservatives face, and expects them to grin and bear it. Why would any conservative subj
    5 KB (759 words) - 07:46, 2 February 2019
  • The left would never hold themselves to that standard... but they hold conservatives to that standard, and then mislead people by pretending its the parent orga
    1 KB (156 words) - 08:50, 18 October 2019
  • ...also willing to defend Brokaw. Pick one standard you hypocrites -- and no, Conservatives are always guilty and Democrats are always innocent is not a valid standard
    2 KB (211 words) - 17:03, 28 January 2019

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