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  • ...nonstarter.'", and that "it would undermine the defensive alliance between Japan and the U.S." ...the world is going to associate it with WWII and the bombing: which is why Japan requested that he NOT do it there. So it was going to be seen as an apology
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  • FakeNews story that Melania Trump blew off Akie Abe (Japan PM's wife) during the PM's visit. Photos show Donald and Melania with her a
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  • ...(now where they build the Teslas). The prelude is America (Demming) taught Japan about Kaizen, and this comes in later, with Toyota trying to teach the evol == America teaches Japan ==
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  • ...low". [[Gun Control]] arguments like murders are higher in USA than UK or Japan, and Americans have more guns, therefor guns cause murders is a complete no
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  • ...ead we had huge growth), 1970's Stagflation broke their models completely, Japan's lost decades (Abenomics) all went the opposite of Keynes predictions. Eve ..., Chinese and South Asian) came into market and made it harder to compete. Japan kept trying to spend their way out of recession in the late 80's, 90's, 00'
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  • * Japan's foreign minister begged Obama NOT to go to Hiroshima (bad optics / loss o ...the U.S., it was an insulting oversimplification towards History, America, Japan, or all of the above. }}
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  • ...a lot of Chinese and Indian people in the world, or that the Keynesianism Japan was trying would be as big a disaster for them as it was for us in the 1930
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  • ...ers]), we cut off the Japanese oil supply, we supplied weapons/training to Japan's enemies, and a dozen other acts of war before the Japanese attacked is ba| Korea]''' - the U.S. took over parts of Korea controlled by Japan before that, and then got involved in the civil war to take their country b
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  • * Examples where it failed include: Japan, Venezuela, China, Russia, North Korea, U.S. in every administration since * Examples where it failed include: Japan, Venezuela, China, Russia, North Korea, U.S. in every administration since
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  • ...oe McCarthy]] has little relationship to reality. [[Dropping the Bomb]] on Japan has been distorted to practically be an unprovoked attack by Republicans. I
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  • ...s because of the culture of the country we invaded. Even in countries like Japan and Germany, which value order far more than the middle east, we had unrest ...y are now, and things are getting a lot better. It took decades to rebuild Japan and Germany. Things had decayed a lot longer than WWII under Sad- dam, and
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  • ...our border, pressured "allies" into increasing NATAO/defense spending, got Japan to quadruple their defense payments, recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of
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  • ...uch more brutal world than we have today. The stresses of living in feudal Japan, where a Samurai could be required to fight someone with a 3' razorblade, o
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  • ...allegations for power, money, promotion, attention or other reasons. Heck, Japan so criminalized frotteurism on public transit, that it was a common scam fo
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  • * Countries that were taken over by us (like Germany and Japan) would not consider themselves territories of the U.S. -- and not because w ...rseas, and most of our troops just want to come home. Ask France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Panama, Korea, if they feel like they are part of our empire. We we
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  • ...roeconomics models: the boom economy after WWI, stagflation in the 1970's, Japan's lost decades and the failure of Abenomics, China and Russia's growth afte ...d, Germany and Italian Socialism ([[What is fascism?|Fascism]]) as well as Japan's military authoritarianism seemed to be working, and while the New Deal wa
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  • ...when they weren't able to achieve their more modest goals than ours. (Yes, Japan walked away from the Kyoto agreement). While we over-peroformed on the goal ...n the CO2 goals of the agreement anyways. Meanwhile countries like Canada, Japan and Russia all failed to achieve their goals, and pulled out of the agreeme
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  • ...d them and went on to repeat the bad etiquette and bowed to the emperor of Japan, inappropriately. <ref>Obama bows to Japese emperor, and does it wrong: htt
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  • <includeonly>[[Image:Bomb.jpg| 96px|right|]]The "defeated Japan” theory, and the idea that “the U.S. didn’t NEED to drop the bomb” ...avoid it, polemics posing as historians can't stop doing it. The "defeated Japan” theory, and the idea that “the U.S. didn’t NEED to drop the bomb”
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  • * 2020.01.24 - Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. all confirmed their second cases.
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  • ..., you could die). I don't like smoking, first or second hand, but remember Japan? Japanese men are some of the heaviest smokers in the world (with some of t ...of a thousand other things are far greater risks in your life as proven by Japan. Do we really need government to protect us from all those things as well?
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  • ...and has heavily influenced their culture. So much so, that the Emperor of Japan was believed to be the human embodiment of the Sun God, similar to the Cath
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  • ...amese just wanted peace, Israel started it, we didn't need to use the bomb Japan. The Democrats did (or supported) most of that, then want to play innocent
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  • that never did lockdowns: Belarus, Brazil (Roraima, Rondonia), Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Malawi, Tanzania, Nicaragua, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Timor-L
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  • ...s? It's not poverty as there are many poorer places with lower crime (like Japan). It's because the inner city culture of gang, drugs and "no snitchin'" mak
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  • ...State Hull, that demanded an unconditional withdraw from Manchuria (which Japan needed for natural resources). ...d scrap iron to Japan(an act of war). All of our intelligence told us that Japan was going to have to go to war. We noted that their fleet kept disappearing
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  • ...the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland), Iceland, Ireland, Japan, China. They had lower cases than places that required them early and hard ...the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland), Iceland, Ireland, Japan, China. Many/most of those that "required" them, really only did it in cert
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  • ...a level that's beyond the superficial. That works for some cultures (like Japan), in their own way. But I prefer our culture because it is NOT about how to
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  • ...enment, Buddha. The philosophy originated in India, but traveled to China, Japan and influenced much of the Orient. Many cultures have a mythology that goes
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  • ...n no good correlation shown that gun ownership rates change suicide rates. Japan and Iceland (both with strict gun control) far exceed the U.S.'s rates, as
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  • ...those, but culturally they are more similar to them than they are to say, Japan, Argentina, or other places. So for cultural broad brushing, they should be
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  • ...rcles, because he brought Kenpo/Kempo over to Hawaii and the mainland from Japan, and is one of the important Masters of the art.<noinclude>
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  • ...hat would explain Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore or even Germany and Japan were not resource rich countries.
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  • ...h crime areas), and giving them extra scrutiny, makes some sense. It's how Japan (and many other countries) created less crime.
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  • * Japan
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  • Japan had the proverb, "the nail that sticks out will be hammered" (or the stake
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  • ...Khan, Alaexander, and all the others before him. The same for Hirohito and Japan. But at what cost, and how long? He quite easily could have consolidated po
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  • For example, Japan and Iran have this element of their culture about the public and private fa
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  • ...control has no positive, and sometimes negative effects on suicide rates. (Japan and Denmark have higher suicides than the U.S., despite gun control). So th ...orrelate well to economics. How do we know that? Some poor countries (like Japan) have much lower murder rates than rich countries, and within the U.S., rur
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  • Denmark (the happiest place on earth), and Japan (the most gun restricted) both have higher suicide rates than gun-crazy U.S
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  • the uncomfortable truth, that it was too much. (This is similar to why Japan could make leaps ahead of the west, before boomeranging back to simpler and
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  • ...on them, not us. The cost of the insurrection was not the cost of our war. Japan and Germany didn't have them after WWII for example. That was all the Iraqi
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  • ...culture as rife with Tarof (ritual politeness or impoliteness) as Iran (or Japan). They both say things politely that they don't mean, and say things in ang
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  • * Hitler did not use Chemical Weapons in WWII (unlike Italy and Japan), and we all know he gassed the Jews (and we all know that's not what Spice
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  • ...bans). Police states like Russia, or Islands with no history of guns (like Japan, Australia or the UK) have problems with illegal guns, shooting and mass mu op-eds) they all talk about Utopia. “'''Why can’t we be like Australia, Japan or the UK? And eliminate all guns like they did'''.” They will attack you
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  • ...r suicide rates, you might want to compare ours to places like Denmark, or Japan, which have higher suicides and some of the strictest gun control in the wo
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  • get our people (and their families) as safe as possible. Earthquake in Japan, violence in Oakland, volcano in Iceland, and they're doing what they can t
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  • ...the states. Um, not so much, since we're not the same consumers/market as Japan. Without consumers, the market collapses.
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  • ...success rates, as an example -- which is especially popular in Europe and Japan, where gun control is high). Thus this technology helping suicide rates is
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  • ...l American liberty after the great economies of Russia, Germany, Italy and Japan". Of course the NRA was quickly ruled unconstitutional (exceeding the power
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  • we’re the only ones in the world that have freedom? Canada has freedom. Japan has freedom. The UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, BELGIUM has * to own a gun in Japan or Canada?
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  • ...t hurt, but it doesn't make a significant difference either. MacDonalds in Japan renames items on the menu (Bigu Maku) and this does not detract from the ex
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  • * Nip - abbreviation for Nipponese (Nipon is the Japanese name for Japan)
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  • ...ion rates of the cocktail vaccinations that caused major problems (like in Japan). Many are not against ALL vaccines, they just have a problem with one, or
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  • ...00 suicides, but America has a lower suicide rate than many countries like Japan or Finland with strict gun-control. No one has ever shown evidence that gun
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  • ...the topic, this was one of them. How did it happen? People in Germany and Japan thought and said, "It can't happen here"... while it was happening. They to
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  • * 1945-1950 Korea had been divided along the 38th parallel (Japan had controlled the South, Soviets the north), after the war the U.S. took o
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