Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Ta-Nehisi Coates

Coates is a black supremacist racist polemic who blames all white people and the white race for the actions of anyone who happens to not have as much melatonin as he does. I'm not defending America's isolated flaws and abuses... but in his distorted world view, everything bad that happened in America is because of the white patriarchy oppressing the black man, and because he is an ignorant racist bigot, he's won just about every award and accolade the left can throw at him for his juvenile, poorly sources, and erroneous writing and thoughts.


Coates : 2 items

The Atlantic -
The Atlantic is a far-left Newspaper (not by ideology, just by bias), that occasionally lets a good article or two through, and even rarely has some diversity of thought. I had some hope when they hired the prolific conservative intellectual, Kevin Williamson, away from the National Review. But like so often happens in sheep flocks, they fired him for thoughtcrime of having once written a pro-life article -- while they defend authors that wrong complete fabrications that fit their far-left Anti-American narratives. You can agree or disagree with their editorial position of being a far-left propaganda pamphlet, just don't try to deny that's what they have become when the evidence of their bias is so blatantly overwhelming.

Captain of Nothing - In another flacid attempt to ruin everything, the SJW's (Ta-Nehisi Coates) was able to change Captain America to Captain of Nothing -- because America is so bad, jingoistic and nationalistic. The storyline is a leftists dream, Cap decides to surrender to the authorities and renounces America.


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