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The FakeNews media has been actively suppressing information about Joe Biden's accuser, while the people screaming about Kavanaugh or Trump, are defending Biden despite a more serious allegation with far more evidence of wrongdoing. If Democrats didn't have double standard, they wouldn't have standards at all.


Tara Reade : 5 items

AP on Tara Reade - AP tries to bury that they failed to report on their interviews with Reade in 2019, when she first made public her dealings with Biden... and claims that they were "unable to corroborate her allegations"... corroboration was never a pre-requisite for Kavanaugh or Trump accusers. Plus she never actually used the words "Sexual Assault"... yet neither did many of Kavanaugh or Trump accusers which they gleefully reported on.

Alyssa on Tara Reade - Alyssa Milano of the Pepperidge Farms Cookie Empire, was shrilly screaming that all women should be believed, no matter what during #MeToo and Kavanaugh Crucifixion... until women started coming forward accusing her favorite Democrats: Joe Biden.
  • While the evidence and witnesses (including her friends and family) contradicted Christine Blasey Ford absurdly vague accusation, Alyssa felt Brett Kavanaugh should have his career ruined without any due process... and of course Blasey Ford has been held up as a hero of the far left. But when many women came forward with claims against Joe Biden (Lucy Flores and now Former staffer Tara Reade), and the latter with far more recent and far more credible claims of a far more serious sexual crime (though even it is a bit sketchy), suddenly Alyssa thinks that we shouldn't jump to conclusions and that men shouldn't be denied their due process.
  • The generous will say she's grown over time. The less generous will assume this is nothing but pure partisan hypocrisy. Her friend and partner in #metoo Rose McGowan called her a fraud. I fall into the latter camp.

CNN on Tara Reade - CNN showed how much they cared about women being sexually exploited, by removing the August 11, 1993 episode where Tara Reade's Mom (Jeanette Altimus), called in to CNN's “Larry King Live” and revealed that her daughter’s pleas for help following sexual assault by Joe Biden, which had been ignored in Washington, D.C. -- they imply it was a problem with the video provider (Google), but both Google and CNN are disinterested in getting to the bottom of why it is missing.

NYT on Tara Reade -
NYT has often been criticized for their double standards on how they treat (D)'s vs. (R)'s, and Lisa Lerer's double standard with regards to how they handled sexual harassment claims against Joe Biden vs. Brett Kavanaugh showed it in spades with their response to Tara Reade's credible claims. They tweeted and summarized their editorial position as, “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable."

In response to the heat they were getting for that they edited the tweet and caption, released articles, and did their podcast with Lisa Lerer to justify their position. The problem isn't that they applied journalistic scrutiny towards Tara's claims, the problem is that this was newly found, something they never applied to Trump or Kavanaugh's accusers (despite a far less credible claims), that they spun their response, and most of all that their framing of the arguments is so easy to contrast.

WaPo on Tara Reade - WaPo reluctantly reported on Joe Biden's sexual harassment claims by Tara Reade... by attacking the evil Right Wing News outlets for doing their jobs and reporting on it (unlike WaPo).


Lucy Flores and dozens of other women have similar complaints against Biden as well, so it appears to be a pattern.

We have evidence of Tara filing a complaint with the Senate back at the time [1] (but Biden won't release the records), Tara's Mom telling CNN about it, multiple witnesses that confirm her telling them, evidence that they knew each other and that she left over something, all evidence thatKavanaugh's accusers lacked -- yet the same people who were outraged that Kavanaugh could be confirmed despite any damning evidence, are outraged that Biden is getting scrutiny over much more damning evidence.


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Joe Biden
(D) Vice President and Presidential Candidate - claimed, "Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door". Someone's been watching too many cowboy westerns: it isn't going through a modern solid door, and you'd be breaking the law by doing it, especially if you hit someone (like the child on the other side). He went on to repeat variants of this stupidity (showing he's slow to learn). It's not all Democrat gun opinions that are wrong, it's just the 95% that give the rest a bad name.
#metoo is the hashtag of sheep, followers, and the antithesis of what we should want from our daughters and sons. Look, I get it. There are people that abuse their positions, and that's wrong. But that's not reason to give up our individuality and reasoning for sake of political correctness. A strong woman comes forward at the time. Weak women wait years or decades and only come out long after they got the job/promotion for their service and when others came out first and the statute of limitations have run out.