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Obviously, this isn't intended as a dictionary. But we can't communicate if we don't agree on the foundation of the language. What does a word or term mean? There is this trend by some (Cultural Marxists) that if you can't win by honesty, facts, intellect, that you can just twist meanings (at least in popular culture and colleges), to stand logic on its head -- so that every argument they would otherwise lose on logic, they can devolve into a debate on pedantic's and meanings. This gaslighting, is more than just annoying, it is subversive to society, tolerance and liberty, under the guise and guile of doing the exact opposite. This area is to get my communication on common ground with the reader, and to remember what terms actually mean (not what activists are trying to re-invent terms into). And if necessary, to try to correct the record.

So people can choose to use my definitions when communicating with me, or if they can't agree to the definitions (as they have been use by rational people for generations or more), then there's no use in trying to communicate with those people, as they aren't interesting in adapting to reality, they want me to adapt to their ignorant or malicious redefinitions.