The Final Year

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HBO propaganda film on how great Obama was, called "The Final Year" and was total puffery. You probably shouldn't do many documentaries on people while they're still alive. (Too many people are more biased when they can be help accountable, and all the truths haven't leaked out). But this is especially true when done by water carriers like anyone at HBO. It's like watching a Reagan Documentary done by Breitbart: I'm sure there's some interesting parts (and some truths), but it certainly wouldn't be the whole truth -- and I find Brietbart a lot more intellectually honest than HBO. Crap like this is why I give HBO as little of my money as possible.


Look, I watch HBO for Game of thrones, and that's it. I only turn it on for that 6-8 weeks, then it's gone. The reason is while they do a few shows that I liked (Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley), I've always felt it's a bit overpriced for the usage.... but more than that, their obnoxious politicization of TV isn't worth my time. I watch TV for either entertainment or education (information) -- HBO spends way too much time funding liberal disinformation or advocacy shows. So even when they run a good one, I'm reluctant to subsidize all the shit they produce: they've destroyed their brand with many libertarians, moderates or conservatives by being so blatantly one-sided. more...


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