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I was bored with the COVID-19 scare, so I went to the movies and saw a dumb slasher film: The Hunt. The movie was: Dumb, fun, fresh. A movie that turns the tide on snowflake culture. I was surprised it came out of Hollywood. The premise is in the teasers: elites hunt a bunch of deplorables to get back at the ignorant racists for wrongs done to them or the planet, but not without a cost to themselves as the blades of revenge cut both ways. It was trying to be a little balanced, and some saw it as mocking both sides -- but the snowflakes are highly mocked in here, and you're rooting for the rednecks, even while laughing at some of their horrid demises. It's not overly deep, but deep enough to be entertaining. But for an over-the-top slasher film it was quite good, and one of the most original things to come out of Hollywood in the last few years. So it is fresh.

Coronavirus mitigation

I went to the movies the other day, and watched The Hunt. A fun slasher film. But it was also interesting seeing the regulations to mitigate the Coronavirus as implemented in San Jose (the Icon Theater at Valley Fair). The floorplan looked different, because they kept 2 empty seats between each seat pair, and no one could sit in front or behind you (a checkerboard). This prevented easy transmission. And they ran a promo at the beginning letting you know if anyone was coughing near you, ask and you could be re-seated. So they were really trying to be as accommodating as possible. But I couldn't help but wonder that theaters are not a high margin business -- and cutting the efficiency down this much, was not economically viable in the long term (or likely the short term). more...


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