U.S. vs Canada - Crime/Murder

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There’s this common meme spread to mislead people that the U.S. is so much worse than Canada in murders, so I wanted to show it in pictures (to help people understand).

Here’s a simple plot of the murder rates over time in Canada. What you see is that despite enacting gun control and registries in the 1950, 60’s and 70’s, gun murders continued to increase. In the 80’s and 90’s they came down a bit (but never to pre-Gun Control levels), and only by about the same that the U.S. did, during the same time. So regardless of whether Canada has fewer murders than the US for cultural reasons, we know that gun control didn’t help Canada’s gun murder rate (let alone the broader murder rate).

We can go further and compare the U.S. to Canada’s murder rates over the same time (slide 2), and despite dramatically different gun control legislation, and verify that Canada’s murder rates just seemed to loosely follow the U.S.’s — and during the 90’s on, while Canada was enacting gun control, the U.S. was removing it and enabling conceal and carry, eliminating assault weapons bans, and so on. Thus we know that Canada’s gun control didn’t help Canada outperform the U.S., despite taking away people’s liberty. The American way is better. Instead of us trying to be more like them, they should be trying to be more like us.

NOTE: There's no attempted flimflam here. The U.S. does have a higher murder rate, even adjusted for demographics. But Canada has always had a lower murder rate, and gun control hasn't seemed to impact the differences between the countries for the better, which is the point. So the point of the "scaled" 2nd chart isn't so imply that the U.S. and Canada are equal in rate, just show that the laws seemed to have no effect on the rate of increase or decrease in murder rates. If anything the U.S. appears to have slightly outperformed Canada during their gun control era. And I suspect as they're opening up immigration, they might see trends go the wrong way.

Some used to infer that this was because it's colder, and thus when everyone's huddled up, it's harder to commit murder. But this doesn't track over other countries, or even based on temperature in the same country. In the U.S. there are some trends where the more Southern immigration you get, the more gangs and thus crime/murder, showing a soft correlation. But again, it's the gangs not the race that is the cause.


So if you have a choice of taking people’s liberties, or giving them more of them, with no difference in homicide rates, then you have no excuse to take away people’s liberties.

Given the choice of forcing law abiding citizens will become victims in their own homes and businesses, or knowing that you can let them choose to defend themselves (without any impacts to homicide rates), I’d opt for letting them choose. Canada and other fascists who don’t trust their nieghbors (despite what the facts prove), opt for making their neighbors becoming victims.


📚 References

U.S. vs Australia - Crime/Murder
Australia took away guns and had a decrease in gun murder/crime/suicide, with a larger increase in murder/crime/suicide overall. Decades later they are down in murders and suicides, but not by any more than the U.S, or trends that started 30 years before the gun ban. They’re up in Violent Crime, Robbery, Rape and aggravated assault by much more. Their mass murderers moved to burning down buildings (with rates about flat). So they spent $500M, still have 3M illegal guns in their country., and higher violent crime: I’m not seeing the win.
U.S. vs U.K. - Crime/Murder
When you correct for their creative-accounting, the U.S. has a lower white murder rate, and less violent crime than the UK. And the UK's murder and crime rates went up since gun control (while the U.S.'s have been trending down, despite loosening gun-control laws). Gun control didn’t work well for the UK. This breaks down the numbers, links to sources, and shows my work.
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When the facts support your argument, you share the facts -- when they don't, some will resort to partial information (cherry picking), fallacies, or other deceptions.

The facts are, in murder rates: U.S. ranks #121 safest out of 218 countries, #4 safest out of 49 counties in our hemisphere, #19 safest out of 36 OECD countries, our drug/gang/crime problems have nothing to do with gun control, and more guns = less murder because it's dangerous to try to kill an armed person. This article contains the stats and facts, for those who care.