UCSC to destroy liberty bells

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University of California, Santa Cruz will remove a major historical artifact from campus. The El Camino Mission Bells were put there in 1906 to highlight the path of the 21 California Missions, and the “Spanish Mission” bells that were used between 1769 and 1833, were one of the anchors. Of course some of the California Taliban crybullied the UC system into removing them because history hurts their feelings. In California, spending money on teaching kids takes a back seat to political correctness and altering history.

The land of intolerance, hypocrisy and progressivism... but I repeat myself. This article lists some examples of the intolerance, incompetence, and progressivism that has come to exemplify the Golden State. (NOTE: While the Golden State once referred to the color of the dried grass hills so common in California, it now refers to the vagrant urine covered streets of San Francisco or L.A.)



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