Who lost the Vietnam War

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There's a prevalent myth that America lost the Vietnam war. But rememeber history :

  • 1972 - The Paris Peace Accords in 1972. Vietnam surrendered, we had a peace agreement and everything was fine. Tada. War over.
  • 1974 - (two years later), the Democrats won congress. They immediately started cutting off all funding/support for South Vietnam
  • 1975 - in January 1975 the North tried a probing attack to see if the U.S. would stop them (the South had a 2:1 advantage in most areas like artillery/planes/etc -- but no money for fuel). The Democrats denied treaties and obligations, and without that financial support, the NVA overran the country by the end of April.

So Americans didn't lose the first Vietnam war, democrats lost us the second one, by letting Russia, China and North Vietnam know they could have it.

The costs

Because of the Democrats breaking international agreements and treaties, and leaving our allies to the wolves of Russia, China and other progressive Socialist/Communist regimes, a few millions South Asians lost their lives and many millions more became refugees... all because the Democrats didn't want to waste any more important American lives, protecting those useless Asian ones.

Thus Democrats are at least partly responsible for the 3-6 Million that died in Vietnam or Cambodia because of it.

Mature adults can admit mistakes and learn from them: Democrats will usually deny history, and try to miseducate the lazy to bury their history with the bodies of those who trusted them.


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