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The best thing you can say about Wind Power is that it's less wasteful and inefficient than Solar Power -- but that doesn't mean much. Those that are proponents are usually the least informed on the topic, and they'll talk about how great it is in cost/MWh of generation. But what they ignore is like Solar, it is unreliable, so you need another plant (or overcapacity and storage) to deal with that lack of reliability. They never factor in those costs into their equations. Nor the bird-chopping environmental impacts. Being a fan of Wind means you hate the environment (since it takes more land, and resources to create electricity through that means), which is also why it costs more, and countries that use it (like Germany) have to have backup generation via coal or fossil fuels. To love Wind Power, you have to hate science and logic.

There are 14,000 abandoned windmills in the U.S. that cost resources to make, and are now going to take more resources to take down. If anyone gets around to it.


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